Blue Noise


Produced in USA | 2018 | 2 min

Language: English

Fri Oct 11 at 11:00am-12:40pm


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A personal piece that deals with Asian American introspection, it is framed by a voicemail by the director for a cousin he never met.

Kevin Manh

Director's Biography

Kevin Manh is a first-generation Vietnamese-American born in 1991. His interest in film making rose when he was just a kid playing around with his parents' camcorder. His interest grew throughout the years as he learned how to use the camcorder as a tool to express himself when he could not do so with words. He is a graduate of UC Riverside with a BA in Media and Cultural Studies. He was a dancer and videographer of the Southern California dance community where he filmed many dance videos. He eventually spent a few years of his life as a professional dancer for Academy of Villains.

Kevin continues to gain his experience in film-making by doing narrative films, experimental, artistic, music videos, documentaries, and dance films. His ultimate goal is to bring a connection to the world through his art. He hopes to use film-making as a tool for diplomacy.

Director's Statement

I originally conceived this idea as a voicemail to my cousin who I never met. He was lost at sea while escaping Vietnam. In the process of writing the script, it naturally transitioned into a voicemail to everyone who has come into my life: family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, teammates, acquaintances, strangers. I hope this film is a way for me to reconnect with my cousin.



Kevin Trung Manh


Kevin Trung Manh

Lead Actor/Actress:

Vincente Lam