Produced in USA | 2018 | 32 min

Language: English

Fri Oct 11 at 11:00am-12:45pm


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Three Cham American high school students chronicle their experiences as Asian American Muslims and share how they celebrate Ramadan, the Muslim Holy Month.

Joseph Mills, Abdulgani Mohamad, Yuhaniz Aly & Samir Nguyen

Director's Biography

Yuhaniz Aly:
Yuhaniz was born and raised in Seattle, WA. She is a graduate from Cleveland High School and is now a second year student at the University of Washington where she plans to major in Public Health and minor in Diversity.
Samir Nguyen:
Samir is a graduate of Franklin High School in Seattle WA. He is studying for his associates degree at Seattle College with plans to transfer to university next year. He is active in his community, working as a frisbee coach with middle school students and mentoring youth at Cham Refugee Community.
Abdulgani Mohamad:
Abdulgani is a student at South Seattle College. He plans to continue his studies at a university and hopes to be an educator. He is passionate about filmmaking and telling stories of underrepresented peoples and communities.



Joseph Mills