The Happiness of Mother (Hạnh Phúc Của Mẹ)


Produced in Vietnam | 2019 | 87 min

Language: Vietnamese, English Subtitles

Sun Oct 13 at 11:00am-12:50pm

SET 11

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The Happiness of Mother depicts the story of a widow with an autistic son. Tue’s love for her boy, Tim, is rivaled only by Giang, a close friend who pursues the single mother with total devotion. Yet, she can only think of how to protect the child, especially after learning she is terminally ill. When a television producer offers to showcase the mother-son pair to boost ratings, Tue questions how much the public should know about their situation. What is the difference between entertainment and exploitation? Directed by Huynh Dong with an unforgettable cast, the movie reminds us the love of a mother is never an act. – Long Bui

Huynh Dong

Director's Biography

Pham Huynh Dong was born in 1983 and graduated from the Department of Director. He became famous after his role as Quan in Call The Dream. He continued his career with successful roles, such as Huynh Van Nghe in Southern Sky Horse, Tran Nguyen Vu in Heavenly Hero, and Hac Ho in Sister 13. In 2015, he started his production career by directing and producing films with humanistic and artistic value, such as The Resentment (2015), Starfish Convention (2016), The Happiness of Mother (2018).

Diep Co Entertainment Company Limited


Huynh Truc


Toto Chan & Kim


Thanh Tien Vo

Lead Actor/Actress:

Kieu Minh Tuan, Cat Phuong

Supporting Actor/Actress:

Huy Khang