The Immortal (Người Bất Tử)


Produced in Vietnam | 2018 | 126 min

Language: Vietnamese, English Subtitles

Sun Oct 13 at 7:00pm-9:00pm

SET 17

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Combining mythology and modernity in The Immortal (Người Bất Tử), director Victor Vu creates a suspenseful, action-packed film. Dinh Ngoc Diep plays An, a mother haunted by horrific dreams that she believes can unlock the secret to saving her sick daughter’s life. Overcoming her fears, An is forced to make conflicting choices and relies on her instinctive survival skills. Hung, played by Quach Ngoc Ngoan, once dreamed of an idyllic life devoted to his fiancé, only to be faced with betrayal and an obsession of what could have been. Forever changed, Hung becomes a formidable figure who is motivated by wealth and invincibility, finding it hard to resist the temptation for eternal life. Their past and present lives intersect as their vulnerabilities are revealed and in their quest for the truth, they realize their physical and mental capacities for good and evil. They also learn that protecting their loved ones and avenging their enemies comes with unforeseen risks and irreversible consequences.

Known for his epic sagas, award winning director Victor Vu again shows his versatility in crafting an ambitious narrative that spans three centuries. In addition to the accomplished cast, this film seamlessly combines fantasy and realism with impressive special effects and the noteworthy cinematography captures the stunningly beautiful, Vietnamese countryside. The Immortal tells a compelling story of the supernatural and the afterlife, but it also generates provocative questions about the value of meaningful relationships and human interconnections. – Linda Trinh Vo

Victor Vu

Director's Biography

Victor Vu is a Vietnamese-American film director, writer, and producer. Born (1975) and raised in Southern California, Vu earned his BA in film production from Loyola Marymount University.

He has directed Passport to Love, Battle of the Brides, Blood Letter (Sword of the Assassin), Spirits (Oan Hon), First Morning, Inferno (Giao Lo Dinh Menh), Scandal, and Vengeful Heart. His social drama, based on Nguyen Nhat Anh's best-selling novel, Yellow Flowers on the Green Grass, was Vietnam’s official entry for the Best Foreign Language Film category at the 89th Academy Awards but was not nominated.

Annam Productions


Tran Thi Bich Ngoc


Tilo-Kay Nguyen, Victor Vu


Nguyen K'Linh


Julian Duy Tran


Andy Nguyen, Duc Nguyen

Lead Actor/Actress:

Quach Ngoc Ngoan, Dinh Ngoc Diep

Supporting Actor/Actress:

Jun Vu, Thanh TuLam Vissay, Vu Tuan Viet


Christopher Wong