The Broken Bond

Produced in USA | 2018 | 11 min

Language: English, Vietnamese

Sat Oct 12 at 11:00am-12:50pm


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When Andrew is unable to satisfy his traditional Vietnamese father’s outrageous academic standards, he contemplates suicide as an escape. The film depicts a struggle common among Vietnamese American families as two different generations clash.

Chau Hoang & Uy Do

Director's Biography

Uy Do was born in 1996 in Vietnam. He moved to Southern California 3 years ago. Generally, he is young, curious and thirsty to explore himself in the creative field. Since his interests in art, technology, music, and business have grown tremendously, he switched his major from computer science to film-making to continue pursuing his passion.

Chau Hoang is a participant in Youth in Motion 2018. Her dream is to capture stories and visions through filmmaking. To succeed in the film industry is always a challenge, especially as a Vietnamese-American. Through youth programs like Youth in Motion, Chau was able to form connections and friendships with like-minded peers, some of whom she still collaborates with to this day.



Uy Do, Chau Hoang


Chau Hoang


Chau Hoang

Lead Actor/Actress:

Bach Vo

Supporting Actor/Actress:

Son Le, Hao Bui

Additional Credits:

Alena Nguyen (Film Assistant)